DOLPHIN PACK is present in the ‘Packaging’ world for over 40 years.

Packaging Innovations

Our headquarters and production plant is in Affi (VR) – Italy but we are presente also in the US with a commercial office in Chicago and in more then 40 countries with our sales rapresentatives.

The experience gained over the years allows us to guarantee security, design technology and reliability in the construction of our machines to all our customers and allowing them to purchase a suitable machine to work efficiently in time .

DOLPHIN PACK, in recent years, has developed interesting packaging machines, especially in “foam technology”. We have also consolidated know-how and specialization with reference to the packaging of other products, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, insulation panels, appliances and automotive components industry. Thanks to obtained results by our technical department, research and development using the latest technology, we are able to offer advanced solutions, environmentally and optimization of energy consumption. Our packaging machines equipped with innovative welding systems, such as the instant heating system of sealing bars, allow the use of increasingly thinner and cheapest films, ensuring a considerable energy saving.

The commitment of DOLPHIN PACK is not limited exclusively to the design and construction of innovative machinery and / or equipment for packaging, but provides a quick and professional accurate and complete assistance to customers and guarantees the availability of components.

In our office we are offering to our customers the opportunity to see and test our machines giving them the chance to identify and choose with certainty awareness the suitable machine on the basis of their production requirements.


Direct communication

Use in direct commands for faster and more immediate communication! We look forward to being at your disposal.


Dolphin Pack has served over the years industry leaders to guarantee the safety in our design technology and reliability in machine construction , allowing the purchase of machinery suitable to work and produce efficiently over time.


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